Welcome to RetroReactiv8!

In time honoured fashion, I guess I’ll kick off this new blog with the usual quick introduction.

RetroReactiv8 is going to about retro gaming and retro games. It will include my musings on why old games are better than new one together with reviews of games for old systems or remakes of retro titles. There might be lists of my favourite games for particular systems or posts about my gaming heroes or rants against the staid nature of the modern software industry when compared with the 8 bit era.

Hopefully you’ll find it interesting. Occasionally it might even entertaining and informative.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do have a wealth of gaming experience to draw on. I cut my teeth on the Binatone TV Master Mark IV in the late 70s, owned several Grandstand handheld arcade games (Invaders from Space, Munchman, Astro Wars) before progressing to proper computers with a Commodore 64 then an Amiga. I’ve had at least one computer/console from pretty much every generation since and am still an active gamer with a PC, PS3, PS Vita and Wii catering for my gaming needs. You can see a full list of the consoles and computers I’ve owned over the years over on the About page.

So, welcome to RetroReactiv8. I’ll try and post stuff on a regular basis and welcome your thoughts and comments. You can also follow me on Twitter @RetroReactiv8

2 thoughts on “Welcome to RetroReactiv8!

  1. I hardly play AAA games any longer, it’s the same recycled stuff over and over again. Visually they might be impressive, but the gameplay is just so dull. But thankfully there’s indie and retro games.

    PS I look forward reading your game-related posts. 🙂


  2. I’m the same. Although I own a number of more modern consoles my collections are far smaller than my retro collection. Indie gaming has at least breathed a bit of life back into a market that was quickly becoming dominated by FPS titles and endless annual FIFA updates.


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