With a Little Help from my Friends

This is likely to be my last post before Christmas and, indeed of 2014. So I thought I’d end the year on a positive note with a few reflections on the first few months of RetroReactiv8’s life.

When I started this blog back in September, it was very much a personal exercise. I like writing and just wanted to hone my skills writing about something I enjoy. If a few other people read it and enjoyed it, that would obviously be great, but I was under no illusions that readers would be hard to come by. In fact, I kind of thought my blog would be rather like talking to myself with no-one else coming along to read it.

As it turns out, I got the best of both worlds: I got to write some stuff and reminisce about  fond gaming memories and some other people did turn up to read it. Not only that, but against all expectations, they helped me to promote my blog

Two other bloggers in particular got on board from a very early stage, giving the fledgling RetroReactiv8 some totally unexpected (but very welcome) support: step forward Soosh (who runs the excellent Retro Years blog) and Bryon from the interesting and varied Stir Fried Pixels blog. These two guys took the time to read my posts and often commented on them, which encouraged me to keep going. A couple of links back to my blog from posts on Stir Fried Pixels’ drove a few readers my way and Bryon kindly gave me a few Follow Friday mentions on Twitter. This got me a few more reads and a few more followers here and there, which is fantastically helpful for a new blog. I don’t know either of these two guys; I’ve never met them or even corresponded with them outside of the comments box but they went out of their way to help a new blogger feel welcome. So, thanks guys – I really appreciate it. Even though there are still relatively low levels of traffic to the site, knowing there are just a few people out there reading my stuff gives me real encouragement and hopefully RetroReactiv8 will continue to grow in 2015.

With all the controversy over the so-called Gamergate and the media’s constant tendency to blame the gaming industry for everything (it was even blamed for a increase in the UK inflation rate recently!) it’s good to be a part of a good news story like this which shows how supportive (for the most part) gamers are and what a welcoming community this is.

In the meantime, whilst you’re waiting for Santa to come and bring you lots of new games, why don’t you go and have a read of Soosh’s and Bryon’s blogs? Even though they’ve not posted for a few weeks, there’s still some great stuff to read on there.

Happy Christmas everyone. Enjoy your gaming over the holiday period!


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