Newsfield Honoured

If it wasn’t for the fact that April 1st has long gone, I might have been tempted to file this under “April Fool’s Jokes” as it seems rather unlikely. However, some interesting news came out yesterday on one of the Facebook Commodore 64 groups.

Roger Kean – one of the founders of Newsfield, publishers of Crash and Zzap!64 – has reported that the Ludlow Civic Society are proposing to place a blue plaque on No 2. King Street, Ludlow – the home of Newsfield in its early years.

Zzap! plaque

The former offices are above a shop (which, when I was there last year, was empty) with nothing at all to indicate the important role in the early videogame industry. I’ve already written on this blog about the influence Zzap!64 had on me growing up, and I know other readers of this blog feel the same about Newsfield’s publications, so it’s good to see it being recognised in this way.

Incidentally, if you’ve never been to Ludlow, it’s well worth a visit. It’s a delightful place in its own right and a central place from which to explore Shropshire and the Welsh borders.


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