Hypersentinal Hewson Kickstarter update

I know I might be sounding a bit like a broken record on this one, but I really, really, really, really, REALLY want to play this game.

Short of suddenly finding a huge bag of cash so that I can fund it myself (I can dream!), I’m relying on my fellow retrogamers to chip in and help it reach the £35k target. There are loads of interesting perks (the £10 one is especially good value), but now if you just want the game on its own, it will cost you just £4.

Just £4 for a new shmup from Hewson Consultants? Why would you not back it? It’s like being back in the 1980s with all the high quality (and not so high quality!) budget games from Mastertronic and Firebird.

If, like me, the prospect of this fills you with excitement, you can back the project here and help make the game a reality.


2 thoughts on “Hypersentinal Hewson Kickstarter update

  1. It’s not looking promising. Normally when it comes to Kickstarters a strong start makes all the difference. Some failed Kickstarters still end up seeing the light of day eventually so there is always hope.


    • I know. That’s why I’m really pushing it to try and get the word out to as many people as possible.

      My understanding is that the iOS version is well into development so hopefully that will see a release at the very least, even if the target is not met.

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