Hyper Sentinel – new Kickstarter campaign


A while back, I exhorted you all to get behind the Kickstarter campaign for Hewson Consultants comeback game, Hyper Sentinel: a Uridium inspired retro shoot em up.

Like the fools you were, you failed to heed the advice of the Mighty Beings at RetroReactiv8 (© every issue of Amiga Power, ever) and so the campaign failed to reach its target.

Happily, Hewson Consultants are not giving up that easily. The game’s author has been busy beavering away behind the scenes continuing to work on the game, whilst Hewson have been looking into what they need to do to get the funding needed to finish it.

As a result, a revised Kickstarter campaign is being launched at 7am (GMT) tomorrow, offering a free playable demo, as well as other mouth-watering early bird and backer incentives. I’ll post more details and the link as I get them, but in the meantime, unless you want both the Score Lord and the Four Cyclists of the Apocalypse to visit your house, get ready to back this new campaign because I really want to play this game J


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