About RetroReactiv8

RetroReactiv8 is dedicated to retro gaming. Here you will find random thoughts about old games. Posts might include musings on retro gaming, reviews of old games or newer retro inspired titles, lists of my favourite games for different systems and just about anything else I can think of. If it’s to do with Retro Gaming, you might find something to interest you. If retro gaming’s not your thing, then these aren’t the pages you’re looking for.

I’ve been a gamer since the early 1980s and have had a whole host of computers over the years. Just some of the many computers and consoles include:

  • Commodore 64 (my first love!)
  • Commodore Amiga 500 & 1200
  • Playstation 1
  • Nintendo Gameboy
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Playstation 3
  • PC
  • Blaze Megadrive Ultimate handheld console
  • PS Vita
  • Dingoo A330
  • iPad
  • JXD S7800

So at some point, the chances are you’ll find something about all of these machines on here eventually.


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