Review Policy


One of the things I do regularly on RetroReactiv8 is review stuff. It might be old games, re-imaginings of old games for new platforms or digital downloads of old games on new systems; it might be books or films or even retro shops and websites I’ve used. As long as there is a retrogaming element to it, there’s a chance I might review it.


When it comes to reviewing, I take the same line as Zzap!64 and Amiga Power – honest opinions count. I’ve a long history of reviewing things (I was a member of review site Dooyoo for 10 years before a disastrous redesign rendered it unusable) and believe in saying what I think.

This means that if I think a product is fantastic, I’ll say so. Equally, if I think something stinks and should be avoided at all costs, I won’t pull any punches. This is not personal or a vendetta against a particular company – it’s just what I think of that particular product. If you disagree with what I say, that’s absolutely fine – feel free to let me know your thoughts via the Comments box, but please respect my right to have an opinion too.

If I’ve been sent an item to review for free, I will clearly state this on the review, but it will in no way affect the outcome of the review – I will still give my honest opinion.

Items for review

If you have produced a retrogaming product and would like to send it to me for review, I’d be delighted to hear from you – just get in touch using the Contact RetroReactiv8 page. However, please bear in mind the review policy above – I will review any free gifts in exactly the same way as I review everything else – giving my honest opinion.


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